This Man Took His Face to the Extreme


Check Out His Insane Transformation

Even as a tattoo publication, we have a difficult time wrapping our heads around one of the fastest growing trends in our industry. Because while we've become fairy accustomed to seeing blackwork tattoos, we never could have anticipated the rise of all black ink on the face. We've seen a small handful of extreme body mods inking their entire body, including their face, with black ink—which as you see, drastically impacts the person's appearance. And while we may not understand this wild trend, we can accept that individuals have the autonomy to do whatever the hell they want with their outward appearance. Take a look at one man's unbelievable transformation through facial ink in the video below, then go ahead and share your honest opinion in the comments section on Facebook. We want to hear what you think of this peculiar tattoo trend.

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