This McGregor Fan Will Never Forget the Outcome of The Money Fight


McGregor Wasn't the Only One Who Lost the Fight

Even if you're completely under the radar when it comes to UFC and MMA, you definitely heard a thing or two about the big fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather that went down this past Saturday. This fight was like the Superbowl, the World Series, and the Stanley Cup wrapped into one for boxing fans—which meant that this showdown was definitely the event to remember. And while McGregor went into the arena as the underdog, some of his diehard fans held out hope and placed bets for his victory. Well, as you probably know, Mayweather came out undefeated and some McGregor fans lost more than money that night. In fact, one MMA superfan gained a tattoo that he's never going to be able to forget about.