This Olympic Curler is a Dead Ringer For Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie


Who Knew Curling Was Hiding This Sexy Athlete?

While the winter Olympics generally gets no where near the same amount of hype that the summer games bring in, they're still an equally important aspect of athletic history. Not to mention, there are some seriously hot sports stars performing under impossibly cold conditions— from skiers and snow bunnies such as Lindsey Vonn and Hannah Teter, to ice princesses like Gracie Gold. As a collective audience, we've become accustomed to seeing gorgeous and powerful women commanding the slopes or the ice, however, seldom do we see a breakout star in the sport of curling. Often mocked in popular culture, curling is the last sport we'd expect an athlete with supermodel good looks to come out of. Yet, we're eating our words because one Russian athlete is turning heads world wide. Meet the seductive curler taking the Winter Games by storm in the gallery below, then let us know what you think of the athlete in the comments section on Facebook.


Stay Tuned

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