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This Tattooer Will Ink Your Bridal Party

The Wedding Tattooer is Bringing His Art to Weddings Around the World

For decades, we've been told that tattoos and weddings are like oil and water. However, with tattoos more accepted than ever before, we see tattooed couples rocking their ink down the aisle on a daily basis. What a time to be alive! And tattoo culture's invasion of the wedding industry doesn't stop with the bride and groom, it has expanded to include the wedding experience. We'd like to introduce you to The Wedding Tattooer, a professional tattoo artist who will pack up shop and give your guests the experience of a life time at your ceremony. This tattooer creates personalized and professional tattoo experiences for your event, catering the smallest of details to your tastes. To find out more and to see the tattooer in action, keep on reading.

Photo via Instagram

Check Out The Wedding Tattooer!

Photo via Instagram</p