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This Woman is Even More Beautiful After Shaving Her Head

We Can't Believe Her Transformation

For many women around the world, hair acts as a security blanket. It's something that seldom changes, even when physical attributes such as weight and skin fluctuate. However, for those women who chose to step out of their comfort zones and cut their hair, it can be an extremely empowering experience. Whether you're only cutting of a couple inches or buzzing down to your scalp—letting go of long hair is both a physical and emotional change. But in some cases, women and men are not given the choice to let go of their hair on their own. A variety of diseases and treatments cause hair loss, from alopecia to PCOS to chemotherapy—all of which can be extremely difficult for an individual to experience. This is why, seeing strong, beautiful, and brave women say goodbye to their locks sends a strong message. It allows those suffering from hair loss to understand that they are beautiful with or without hair and proves to society that bald is totally badass. Take a look at what happened when one woman said goodbye to her hair in the gallery below and let us know what you think of her incredible transformation in the comments section on Facebook.

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Watch the Video

Check out her transformation in the video above.