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This Woman is Selling Her Virginity and Has Doctor's Proof She's 100% Pure

Take a Look at the Latest Virgin to go Viral

For many men and women, their virginity is something they save for someone special. However, when it comes to 23-year-old Bailey Gibson, she's willing to offer it all up for a stranger. That's right, this young woman is willing to give up her virginity to the highest bidder and has the proof to prove she's 100% pure. She's ready to go all the way for the very first time, but unlike most women, she wants to gain a fortune off her inexperience. And when it comes to selling sex, she's enlisted in the help of Vegas's finest brothel—the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, owned by Dennis Hof. Take a look at how this Christian school girl from the midwest made the choice to give it up for a couple hundred thousand bucks in the gallery below. Then, go ahead and share your thoughts on the controversial deflowering in the comments section on Facebook.

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