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Thor 'The Mountain' Bjornsson Carries Cars Around for Fun

We love strongman competitions. Part of it is the feeling of awe and wonderment we get while watching the amazing feats of strength. But, honestly the majority of our enjoyment comes from seeing the ridiculous ways in which these men prove their fortitude. Throwing kegs over walls, tossing anchors, deadlifting logs—it's all just in a day's work for a strongman. Few things are more pleasurable to see than watching one of these titans grab a car and literally walk around with it.

Thor Bjornsson, also known as The Mountain to Game of Thrones fans, recently was named the Strongest man in Europe for the second consecutive year. The tattooed behemoth plowed through the competition as he hefted unbelievably heavy objects over his head as if it were nothing, just like we expect out of a strongman competition. Perhaps the most impressive of the many astonishing feats of strength was when he had a Volkswagon attached to him—imagine Fred Flinstone driving—before he scampered across a field carrying the automobile. With strength like that Bjornsson will be able to get his car into even the tightest of parking spots; he can just pick it up and fling it in there if need be.

While his greatest fame has come from squishing Oberyn Martell's head like a grape—and thus breaking the hearts of millions—on Game of Thrones, we love to see Bjornsson out there proving that his strength doesn't come from CGI or any other Hollywood gimmick. We also can't help but appreciate all of Bjornsson's tattoos. The dragon eye tattoo that he has (seen in the gallery below) is absolutely sick, as are some of his other pieces of ink. After watching the video of Bjornsson dominating the competition at the strongman contrast don't forget to browse the gallery to see his ink.