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Tim Howard Moonlights as a Tattoo Artist

Now that Everton's season is over Tim Howard  likely finds himself with a lot of time on his hands, why not pick up a new trade? We know that he's good with his hands from seeing him protect the nets for the US Men's Soccer team for the last 13 years. We also know that he loves tattoos by taking a look at his heavily inked skin. Perhaps he'd be perfectly suited for a second career as a tattoo artist.

Earlier this week tattooist Jake Meeks offered up his own leg so that the soccer superstar could take the old tattoo machine for a spin and see if he has what it takes. From the photos posted on Instagram it's a little hard to tell how the piece turned out, which we think is a good sign. If it was a complete disaster you could tell even from far away.

What we can judge Howard on is how much he looks the part. Is he wearing all black? Yep. Does he have a beard? Yep. How about a beard? Yep. Tattoos everywhere we can see? You know it. If we didn't know better you could easily convince us that Howard was an ordinary tattooist and not the legendary goal keeper that American soccer fans adore.

We're hoping that if Howard can't find a way to stay on the US team forever we hope that he seriously considers this second career choice.

In the gallery below you can get a good look at Howard moonlighting as a tattoo artist. You'll also see a bundle of pictures of Howard showing off his copious amount of tattoos.