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Timmy B Announces the 2015 Two of a Kind Art Project

Stop! Collaborate and listen because Two of a Kind is back!

2014 saw the first ever large-scale collaborative tattoo art project, Two of a Kind. Last year, Christa and Frank La Natra's tattoo studio, Into the Woods Gallery, hosted the Two of a Kind event in which multiple groups of two artists came together to work on massive master canvases. Now, as 2015 rolls in, Timmy B's NiteOwl Tattoo studio will host round two!

This year is already off to a bigger start as a list of 26 artists set to participate in the event has just been posted to Timmy B's Instagram. Everyone from New School artists like Kelly Doty to Australia's realism icon Benjamin Laukis are said to be part of this year's collective. According to the Instagram post, there is also one lucky 27th spot still up for grabs as a prize package for this year's A Pound of Flesh winner.

In case you are unfamiliar with tattoo collaborations, a collab typically consists of two artists of either similar or varying styles working to create one cohesive piece that incorporates both of their signature aesthetics without looking like it was brought together by two artists. The Two of a Kind art event is a monumental landmark for the tattoo art industry working to abolish the old taboos placed on tattooing and instead promote the fine art nature that tattoos have slowly been gaining reputations for in modern times.

So make sure to follow @TwoOfAKindEvent on Instagram and stay tuned for all of the amazing collaborations on the horizon. Want to see what a piece by Megan Jean Morris and Scotty Munster would look like? Let the artists know! The event is looking for collaboration requests right now!

In case you happened to miss last year's event, we've got you covered. Check out all of the incredible collaborations the 2014 event inspired right here!

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