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Timmy B Has Tattooing in His Heart

When it comes to new school style tattooing few artists are as well known and respected as Timmy B. One might even say that Timmy has tattooing in his heart. In this sick neck piece that he recently posted onto his Instagram, Timmy takes that statement and makes it quite literal.

It's so cool to see the way that he was able to fuse the tattoo machine and the heart into one cohesive piece of art. Considering there is almost no way to cover up a neck tattoo one needs to make sure that they are making a hell of a statement with a great piece and this tattoo fits that bill perfectly.

In this list we have compiled some of our favorite neck tattoos of all time. Some are vibrantly colored like the one above, others are black and grey with sinister images that would give a child nightmares. The one thing that unites them all is that they are amazing pieces of artistry that will always be on display.

Part of what makes neck tattoos so cool and sexy is that it takes an unbelievable amount of confidence to get a tattoo in such a visible place. You can check out more sweet neck tattoos at this link. At this link you can see a bunch of ladies sporting sexy neck tattoos. And if you want to see more impressive work by Freshly Inked artist Timmy B you can click here.

If you have a rad neck tattoo that you want to share with us hashtag us on Instagram.

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