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Tiny Tattoos For Your Astrological Sign That Every Girl Would Want

When it comes to guilty pleasures, obsessing over astrology is a pretty common activity among millennial women. We all love to know what the stars really say about our personalities and many wear their star sign as a badge of pride. Whether you're a feisty Scorpio, sympathetic Cancer, or artistic Pisces—there's something about each and every sign to celebrate, why not do it with ink?

Astrological tattoos have been extremely popular over the last several decades, however, many wonder how they can represent the qualities of their sign without falling down the rabbit hole of clichés. Which is why it's about time that you learned how the trendy tattoos of today can also represent your zodiac. Take a look at how we matched up the signs with tiny tattoos and let us know if we inspired you to get your next work of art.

Photo via Instagram