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Tips and Pics From Tattoo Manicurist Laurie Maille


Laurie Maille hails from France and says that while she loves being creative, it isn’t always great for her own nails, “The clamps, needles and glue often spoil my nails.”

For her own nail care, she tried lots of expensive brands form top companies, but now prefers “old grandmothers' remedies: Oil, lemon and hot water.”

Her top choices:

- Ricin oil for the growth and strengthening of nails.

- Almond oil to feed daily.

She recommends soaking nails in an oil and lemon juice bath for about fifteen minutes for nail strength and vitality.

Alternately, a soak in an oil and hot water bath weekly.

For daily use, she recommends the same crèmes we use to heal tattoos.

“This cream has proven to be just perfect (especially in winter) when the skin cracks around the nails.”

We asked Laurie how she started doing this. “I love doing my nails, and over time, I began to do more with tattoo art as my inspiration. What I do requires little dexterity but against a lot of patience.”

Laurie gets her tattoos done by Brice Tabarnak and would love to get a piece by Kat Von D. because Von D.'s "unusual style has emerged and made a place in a predominantly male world. She is so inspiring!” Her other favorite artists include The Baron, Shell Valentine (Australia), Johan Svahn (Sweden), Rose Hardy (New Zealand), Dave Kruseman (France), and Mikael de Poissy (France).

“I am so wear such beautiful works. My tattoos make me pretty and became both a reflection of my personality and my business card: I love them!”

Flip through the gallery below to see how Maille's nail art is influenced by her love for tattoos.