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This Toddler's Walker is Out of This World Thanks to a Tattoo Artist

It’s the season of giving, and tattoo artist Nathan Gerger has taken that to heart in the best way by decking out a walker for two-year-old Henri “Kai” Grabill.

Kai has a condition called hypotonia, which manifests in a lack of muscle tone that can make it difficult to get around. While he was previously using a walker that was loaned to him through a charity, his mother Kourtney Knapp recently bought him his own and longed to give it a unique flare for her son, according to USA Today.

After looking around to no avail, she eventually reached out to Nathan of Ironside Tattoo in Ankeny, Iowa, and he was more than happy to help her out. Inspired by Kai’s favorite shoes which sport a galaxy of stars, Nathan was able to recreate the intergalactic scene beautifully on the walker and gave Kai and his family a surprise when he told them it was free of charge.

You can check out the adorable Kai and his incredible walker in the gallery below.