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Top 10 Celebrity #Inkies of 2013


Celebrities really love them some of themselves. While we look back on the year that was 2013 on social media we scroll through the top tattoo selfies or as we call them: #inkies.


Amber Rose

Former INKED cover girl Amber Rose got a portrait tattoo of her inked up husband Wiz Khalifa.

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Ireland Baldwin

The offspring of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin showed off her rock hard bod and her new arrow tattoo.

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Bryan Cranston

To commemorate the wrapping of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston showed E! the show's logo tattoo that he and Aaron Paul share.

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Aaron Paul

Jesse also got the phrase "No Half Measures" on his biceps. Yeah bitch!

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Cara Delevingne

Joining the tattoo community this year was this model, with an intricate lion done by Bang Bang.

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Justin Bieber

You are either a teenage girl or you hate him but either way the kid's been getting great work.

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Miley Cyrus

You are either a teenage boy or...the Disney princess turned loose on hormones and headlines got this tribute piece to her grandmother. Note her grandmother wasn't wagging her tongue in this photo.

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The sexy songstress's tattoo count hovers around 20 including getting her hand done up a few months ago.

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The Game

Rapper, The Game, got a lot of ink this year including the portrait of President Barack Obama over his belly rocker and a tribute portrait to Nelson Mandela.

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Cheryl Cole 

The Brit got her butt blasted by Nikko Hurtado which was probably the most talked about tattoo of 2013. We love it, what do you think?