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The Top Tattoo Moments of 2015

In 2015, we were exposed to more "tattoo moments" than ever before. Tattooing is no longer an underground practice reserved for bikers or gang members, this business has made a full 180 with tattoos showing up everywhere and artists doing what had never been done before. 2015 made it clear that tattooing has made it to the main stage and the tattooed generation has made it absolute that tattooing is here to stay. We see and hear about tattoo news on a daily basis, from the characters that grace our TV screens to celebrities who gain media attention for their outlandish ink. Tattooing is the hot thing in Hollywood and 2015 was a year where the millenial generation putting tattooing in the lime light for the world to behold. Check out some of the most iconic tattoo moments of 2015 and reminisce on what an incredible ride this past year has been for the tattoo industry.