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The Top Tattoos of 2015

One sure sign that we've reached the end of the year is when publications pump out slews of lists recapping all of the great things that happened during the past 365 days. It's a fun way to remember the year that has past while also providing fodder for arguments that will last into 2016. We've already provided you with a review of your favorite tattooed models from 2015, so it's only natural that we are following it up with a list of your favorite tattoos from 2015. Since art appreciation is such a personal thing we had trouble thinking of a way to choose the top tattoos of 2015, until we remembered that cute little red heart on Instagram. These are the tattoos that received the most likes when they were posted on our social media throughout the year, and it is a hell of a collection if we do say so ourselves. Check out all of the amazing art in the gallery below and make sure to check out Instagram daily to see the best tattoos of 2016 and beyond!