Travis Barker's UFC Bet May Lead to a TMZ Tattoo


In the very rare moments when he isn't playing drums for one of his seemingly endless number of bands, Travis Barker is a pretty big UFC fan. So when he was recently signing autographs prior to a Blink-182 show a TMZ photographer gave Barker an intriguing proposition—pick the winner of the Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt fight with a TMZ tattoo on the line if he fails.

With the return of Lesnar at UFC 200 being the talk of the MMA world Barker has an opinion just like every other fight aficionado. In his eyes it will be a rude return for Lesnar as the drummer predicts Hunt will be the victor. And if he's wrong there is going to be a TMZ logo resting somewhere upon Barker's extensively tattooed body. But if Barker proves himself to be a terrific prognosticator there's going to be a TMZ photographer forever walking the Earth with a Blink-182 tattoo.

Check out the video, and Barker's one stipulation, below.

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