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Trump Administration Pushes For Abstinence-Only Sex Education


The Presidential Playboy Supports Conservative Sex Education

It's no secret that President Donald Trump has had his fair share of sex scandals over the years. He's gained a reputation for being one of the biggest playboys in Hollywood and now the White House, arguably claiming the top spot from John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Whether you look at the various sexual harassment allegations over the years or the highly publicized affair he had with adult actress Stormy Daniels—he's absorbed in a new sex scandal every other week. However, despite his scandalous past (and present) his administration is pushing hard for abstinence-only sex education. Take a look at the gallery to learn more about this contradictory legislative decision and let us know your thoughts on sex ed in the comments section on Facebook.

Watch Kimmel's Take

Celebrities have taken issue with the Trump administration's push for abstinence-only education—including late night host Jimmy Kimmel. Take a look at the humorous trailer he created for the news.