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Tune in, Turn on. Loveline with Amber Rose and Dr. Chris Donaghue

Amber Rose and Dr. Chris Donaghue revamp "Loveline" for the modern age of sex positivity, gender fluidity and carnal curiosity.

by Jessica Pauline Ogilviephotos by Michael Greccostyled by Darius Baptist

Amber Rose is reclining outside her sprawling stucco home on a Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles when her four-year-old son, Sebastian, comes running up. His face is covered paint, and Rose throws her head back and laughs, holding her arms out. “Hi, Pumpkin!” she says.

“I’m not a pumpkin,” Sebastian says, “I’m a skeleton!”

“Are those tattoos? You look so cool, Pumpkin!” She reaches down and cups his cheeks. “Give me smoochies. I love you.”

Rose is a mother before all else, but it’s not just her son who sees her that way. The 33-year-old is also a role model and inspiration to the legions of fans who know her as Muva Rosebud, or just Muva. Since launching her career in music videos for Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris and more, Rose has become a vocal activist against slut-shaming and rape culture, appearing in Funny or Die’s Walk of No Shame and hosting The Amber Rose SlutWalk going on year three.

Now, along with psychologist Chris Donaghue, Rose is anchoring the podcast Loveline with Amber Rose. Between Donaghue’s medical training–he’s a doctor of clinical sexology and the author of Sex Outside the Lines–and Rose’s relatability, the two have dusted off the old show, spruced up the format, and given it a 2017 makeover. Focusing on sex positivity and gender fluidity, they’re breaking down so-called norms to emphasize that your differences are also your strengths. 

In the shade of Rose’s patio, we all talked about living on the outskirts of society, spreading a message of acceptance, and using haters as fuel.

Amber Rose Inked Chris Donohue