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Two Flights Cancelled because of “Smelly Poo” and “Stinking Vagina”!

This Flight Really STINKS!

Air travel can be exciting and glamourous, while at the same time being incredibly stressful. Weeks of planning and lots of money usually go into a trip that requires air travel. The excitement of jetting to a new and exotic destination wrestles with your fear of missing the flight as your cab driver battles traffic on route to the airport. However, after you make your way through security, across the terminal, past the ticket check-in and finally into your tight, but cozy, seat you breathe easy because you are now about to take off and be on your way, cruising at 30,000 feet. Unfortunately, that’s not what the passengers on these two flights experienced. After taking off both planes needed to turn around and head back — and it had nothing to do with mechanical issues…but it did stink! Literally!


Photo via Pixabay