What was it doing up there?!

Broad City is an American sitcom that premiered on Comedy Central in 2014. The show was created by and stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, two eccentric women navigating New York City in their twenties. The show explores a number of "taboo" themes and topics—including pegging, orgies, and of course, marijuana. Marijuana is arguably the third lead character in the series and makes an uncredited appearance in nearly every episode of the show. Way back in season 1, Mary Jane plays a unique role in the plot of episode 2, after Ilana teaches Abbi about the wonders of "nature's pocket." And for those who are not familiar with the episode "Pu$$y Weed," it partially revolves around Ilana storing a bag of weed in her vagina, much to Abbi's disgust. Well, a woman in Mexico City did exactly this and more just a few short weeks ago. Take a look at the shocking photo of the weed a surprised doctor removed from a 37-year-old "pregnant" woman's vagina in the gallery below, then let us know what you think about using the vagina as "nature's pocket" for cannabis smuggling in the comments section on Facebook. We've got to say, it seems like a better option than the booty.



Although on the show Broad City. Ilana advocated for using the vagina as "nature's pocket," we need to remember that this program is pure fiction.



However, a woman in Mexico took this concept to the extreme by smuggling over 2 lbs on marijuana in her cooch!



In Mexico City, a 37-year-old woman went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and also claimed to be pregnant.



However, upon inspection, the doctors removed over 2lbs of marijuana from her vagina. The marijuana had been wrapped in masking tape and doctors found clumps of raw earth attached. Authorities attempted to arrest her for "crimes against health," however, a judge argued that her detention was not legal and she was allowed to walk free.