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UFC Fighter Sean O'Connell's Hilarious Weigh Ins

It's hard to ponder a more serious situation than jumping into the octagon and going three rounds with a trained martial artist. But for UFC Light Heavyweight Sean O'Connell it's all fun and games, especially at the weigh in. The tattooed O'Connell has been horsing around at the traditional press event for the entirety of his career and people are starting to take notice.

For those of you that aren't overly familiar with mixed martial arts allow us to explain the whole weigh in process. Since the divisions of the UFC are divided up by weight, each fight has a mandated weight limit. A few days before the fight both fighters will get together for a press conference that involves each of fighter stripping down and getting on a scale to make sure they will be eligible for the fight. Then, in what we can only assume is an effort to build tension, the two fighters stand nose to nose for a photo. In both MMA and boxing this has led to impromptu skirmishes. O'Connell clearly sees the ridiculousness of this and has decided to add a little humor to the proceedings.

In the video below you can see some of O'Connell's greatest hits, so to speak. Whether it is picking an inopportune moment to take a selfie or booping his opponent on the nose, O'Connell finds a way to have a little fun.

"I do it just to add some levity to what everybody tries to make a tense situation," O'Connell explained to MMA Junkie. "The fight is already picked, Joe Silva picks that fight for us. You know, we don't have to be jerks to one another. So, I thought it would be funny [to boop the other fighter on the nose]. He didn't think it was funny but I don't care."

Considering his sense of humor you shouldn't be surprised to learn that O'Connell has a side gig as a sports radio host in Utah. He has also branched out and written a book and he once played college football at the University of Utah. We look forward to what sort of pranks O'Connell has up his sleeve for this next fight.

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