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The Ultimate Christmas Card Prank

Half of the fun of the holiday season comes from receiving Christmas cards in the mail, usually from relatives and friends you haven’t seen or spoken to in the past year. While the ones of adorable children in festive garb are heartwarming, you can’t deny the most highly anticipated cards are the hilariously awkward ones. But this year, one college student has upped the ante with his unforgettable prank.

Joshua Brassow, a 25-year-old at Saginaw State Valley University in Michigan, took it upon himself to hire a fake family to pose with him for his Christmas card photo. An edited version of his card, which he uploaded to his Twitter, states he wanted to “confuse my distant relatives by making a Christmas card that looks like I married some random woman with kids.”

Though he initially set aside $100 to pull it off, it only ended up costing approximately $50 and his fake family did it for free! Now the hysterical card, featuring a badass tattooed woman nicknamed "Bone-Crusher" and the two “sons” Blade and Thor (we can only hope those are their real names), has gone viral.

You can check out the card in all of its hilarious and cringe-worthy glory below!