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The Ultimate Cocktail Guide for Derby Day

The first Saturday of May is quickly approaching and that can mean only one thing—The Kentucky Derby! Now, you don't need to be interested in horse racing to have a great Derby Day, after all, the race is merely two minutes of the festivities. The rest of the time is spent rocking awesome derby hats and sipping on delicious bourbon cocktails. The Mint Julep is traditionally the drink of the day, but we like to think of it as merely the starting point. In the gallery below we have included some of our favorite cocktails for you to enjoy during the Run for the Roses. Also, here's an inside tip from our bookie*—take Destin to win.

*By "bookie" we mean the Inked dartboard. With closed eyes we hit #9, Destin's number, and there is no way our foolproof system won't provide the winner!