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The Unreal Custom Creations of Ekaterina Gakman

With the rise of social media, everyone and their mother is sharing pictures of their adorable animals. Yet, while having a pet is wonderful, it can also be a big responsibility. Not to mention your opitions are pretty limited as cats and dogs are pretty mainstream. Blow away the competition with the out of this world handmade creations of Ekaterina Gakman.

Based out of Saint Petersburg, Russia, Gakman is the mastermind behind these crazy creatures that are straight out of a fantasy feature film. Gakman hand crafts these creepy creatures out of faux fur and polymer clay and their glass eyes and wire skeletons are what truly brings these babies to life. While they may cost as much as some tattoos, these custom creatures will last a lifetime. Gakman Creatures are available for purchase on Gakman's Etsy shop and you can keep up with the artist on her Instagram.