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Usher Teases Fans With Ink Under the Chin

Check Out His Shocking New Ink

It's official, yet another celebrity has dared to earn another shocking neck tattoo. Several years ago, Hollywood went wild when Rihanna tattooed the side of her neck, however, in 2018 the tabloids barely bat an eye over such revealing ink. The latest A-lister to gain an epic and extremely visible work of ink is Usher—Billboard's Hot 100 Artist of the 2000s. Fans might be shocked to learn that Usher is a big time tattoo collector, yet, no one will forget his latest piece. It takes a special kind of badass to tattoo the underside of the chin and we solute Usher for boldly inking were few collectors have before. Take a look in the gallery below for an extended peek at Usher's brand new tattoo, as well as a behind-the-scenes video the singer published to his personal Instagram. Then let us know what you think of his fresh ink in the comments section on Facebook.

usher 2

Watch the Video