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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas From Milly & Earl

Every man is far too aware of that sinking feeling in their gut that comes when they realize Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and they have not the slightest clue what to buy for their special lady. You could ask one of her friends what to get her but who can trust that group of miserable harpies— they have hated you since day one. They’re most likely to give you horrible advice in the hopes that you won’t be around for any subsequent Valentine’s Days. Luckily Bernadette Libonate can help.

Libonate owns and operates Milly & Earl in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and has filled her store with timeless items that will make any woman squeal with joy when they open their Valentine’s Day gift. When choosing the items available within Milly & Earl Libonate has stuck with independent designers so you know that the items are of the highest quality. In order to make your shopping experience even easier she has picked out some can’t miss items— as well as a few things for yourself— that will make you appear like the world’s most thoughtful man on the 14th. You do know the 14th is Valentine's Day, right?

heart flask

Flasks:Great for a gift or a back-up plan. Even if you don't have a Valentine this year, you can bring Whiskey along as your date. Either way it'll turn that not-so-special person into the someone of your dreams. Glass flasks have no bacteria or any harmful toxins. It is the safest way to swig.


Engraved Heart CuffWear your heart on your sleeve all year long...or hearts as it were. This adjustable brass cuff gives three times the love with engraved interlocking hearts design.

shot necklace

Stamped Necklaces:Communicating not your strong suit? Say it with a necklace. Will you love this person through "Hell or Highwater"? or were you "Shot Through the Heart" when you first saw their face? Say it with a necklace. 18' Brass Chain with Vintage Charm & Stamped Text


Barware/Bottle Openers:The gift that keeps on giving- Oh Captain my Captain keep your party going with these unique barware accessories for that special drinker in your life. Made from Cast Iron & Brass materials, they look beautiful to display.


Crushed Pyrite Cuffs: Pyrite (otherwise known as Fool's Gold) is said to be an 'energy shield' that blocks negativity from outside sources. While protecting yourself and the one you love you might as well look good doing it. This skinny brass adjustable cuff is inlaid with hand-crushed raw chunks of pyrite.


Money Clips:Contrary to what you might believe we want you to keep your money in your pockets. Give your fella the gift of stylish organization with these handmade in Brooklyn brass money clips. Approximately 1.75" L x .75" W


Crushed Lapiz Swing CuffsThis is my kind of arm candy- Hand crushed galena druzy in a beautiful shade of sparkly slate blue inlaid on circle or square plate. Handmade in Brooklyn these cuffs are best fit to a small-medium sized wrist.


Gold Plated Arrow StudsWear Cupid's Arrow all year long- these sweet 14K Gold Plated studs are micron plated over Sterling Silver. Handmade in Brooklyn