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Vans and Taka Hayashi: The Latest Collaboration

Taka Hayashi has become a pretty well known shoe designer over the last few years and his latest collaboration with Vans, Vault by Vans x Taka Hayashi, is about to break onto the fashion scene starting this October. To bring you some of the coolest kicks of the holiday season, Hayashi and Vans present not just one rocking footwear design, but three rad spins on some of the best Classic Vans silhouettes.


The first sneaker to hit the line is the TH Sk8 Mid Skool LX which features a fun, new take on the Mid Skool form completed with a combo of leather, suede, and nubuck materials to craft the perfect design for the colder weather. The TH Sk8 Mid Skool LX will also be complimented by two huarache-influenced shoes: the TH Era Huarache LX and the TH Sk8 Huarache LX, a four piece set based of off the Vans Era and Vans Sk8-Hi designs respectively. The Huarachi designs are available in either Bordo or Mustang editions. The Bordo shoes use dark leather with wool highlights to really make the shoes pop, while the Mustangs take on a more laid back feel completed with pig suede and woven Italian textiles.


Vault by Vans x Taka Hayashi take classic sneakers and add a touch of luxury to make them some of the most fashion forward gifts for the holidays. Don’t believe us? Then take a trip to your local Vault by Vans distributer and try a pair on to see for yourself just how comfortable and stylish this latest line really is.