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The Veterans of War Ink

This Veterans Day is a time to honor all of those who have fought for and served our country. It is a day to remember that without the brave men and women who dedicated their lives to our nation that we would not be the country we are today. This Veterans Day also marks the launch of WarInk.Org. War Ink was created by Chris Brown and Jason Deitch as an online exhibition showcasing the tattoos that veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have gotten and the stories behind their ink. The site's opening page proudly presents their mission statement as: "War Ink emerged out of a need to recognize veterans' service and sacrifices and to bridge the divide between the veterans and civilian communities...Stark, beautiful, disturbing, and often darkly humorous, these tattoos are visual expression of memories and emotions that can be difficult to discuss openly." Take a look through this breathtaking and commemorative multimedia gallery at WarInk.Org as it takes you through the lives of 24 truly incredible, brave veterans and the amazing stories told through their ink.