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Victoria Beckham Can't Identify Her Husband's Tattoos


The Beckham family loves talking about their tattoos. David and Victoria’s son Brooklyn made news earlier this month when some ink was spotted on his neck at the Coachella Music Festival. While it was temporary flash, Brooklyn did admit that he’d like to follow in his tattooed father’s footsteps once he’s old enough to get the real thing.

On Friday, model, designer and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, made a rare media appearance when she stopped by the Ellen show for the first time in seven years. Beckham talked about her kids, her dog, and her work as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. Then Ellen surprised her with a game that would give Beckham the chance to win some money for the United Nations Fund.

“Your husband David has tons of tattoos,” Ellen said. “So, what we thought we’d do is, we would play a game called ‘Tats on Becks.’”

Beckham was then quizzed by Ellen about the locations of certain tattoos on her husband’s body. For each correct answer, Ellen would donate $1000 to the United Nations Fund.

Starting off “from top to bottom,” the mother of four had to name the order of the names of her children tattooed on her husband’s back. While she was able to identify that their daughter Harper’s name is on David’s collarbone, she did not know which side.

“I need to look at him more,” said Beckham (and no other woman ever).

Watch the clip below to see how she does on the rest of the quiz, and to learn about a tattoo on David Beckham that she didn’t even know about. And, below, check out some photos of David Beckham's tattoos that she had to identify.