Is Victoria Beckham Removing Her Tattoos?



Lately, the Beckham family has been making headlines for their tattoos as much as anything else. It’s nearly impossible to go a week without seeing David Beckham’s shirtless torso covered in tattoos in some ad or billboard. Earlier this year, Brooklyn Beckham made headlines for a neck tattoo he was sporting at Coachella. And model/designer/former pop star Victoria Beckham made an appearance on the "Ellen" show to promote some of her current endeavors, and ended up getting quizzed on her husband’s tattoos.

According to Express, Victoria Beckham wants to get rid of her tattoos “over fear that they affect her image as a serious businesswoman.” In recent photos, some of Beckham’s tattoos appear to be extremely faded, causing speculation that she’s going through laser tattoo removal.

While Mrs. Beckham isn’t quite as inked as her husband, she still has several tattoos that are mostly tributes to her family. On her left wrist she has David Beckham’s initials as well as the phrase “together, forever, eternally” in Hebrew. She also has a Hebrew quote meaning “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine”—a bible verse from the Song of Solomon—on the back of her neck. On her right wrist she has the Latin phrase “De Integro,” which means “again from the start, along with Roman numerals “VIII-V-MMVI”—the date that she and her husband renewed their wedding vows. The five stars on her back represent herself and her husband and their three sons—a tattoo she most likely got before her daughter Harper was born.

Flip through the gallery below to see some of Victoria's tattoos before they go away.