One look at Victoria Lomba and you know she’s lives her life hardcore. She’s been tearing up the international female body building circuit for a while now and even if she slows down, we’re pretty much guaranteed she’ll continue to work out and that body will still be a series of kickin’ curves. Believe it or not she is actually a mother, so we know she can battle back from anything.

Victoria is known for her steel hard biceps, her sphere-like butt globes and her bangin bust. Luckily for us and the rest of the world Victoria is not camera shy and has done scores of photo shoots and has been known to take a series of great selfies now and again.

We’re sure that Victoria is a multifaceted person, and we would love to get to know all about her, however for this feature we are focusing on her physical attributes, most notably that awesome butt and amazing chest. So for all you fans of girls who are inked and SUPER FIT start clickin’ and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 11.17.19 AM

Two Sets of Mountains!


This pose in this environment emphasizes Victoria's strength.

The Boudoir Babe!


It's gettin' all steamy up in here!

Thank Gosh for Selfies!


Drop your draws and strategically cover those nips and take that selfie!

The Pout!


We go from her eyes right down to her...

Nothing Like a Good Old...


...fashioned wet t-shirt to get things going on!

It's Christmas Every Day!


Let's hope the only one naughty here was Victoria.

Pure Perfection!


This looks so damn inviting! Right?

Pure Perfection!


This looks so damn inviting! Right?

Pre-Competition Pump Up!


Lookin' good before heading up to the posing stage

Good From Every Angle!


We'll take Victoria from any angle!

Back to Back...


...and belly to belly. It's a home run for us!

A Killer Look!


The black certainly emphasizes those curves!


On second thought maybe you should just look or you might wind up with a black eye.

Just the Thinest Sliver of...


...lace that separates us from nirvana!