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VIDEO! 25 Shell Inspired Tattoos for the Summer!

The cutest of crustaceans!

Ahhhh, summer is here, and the smell of the sea and sun block fill the air. Sights of waves crashing on the beach and girls in bikini’s and tatted up dudes braving the surf are just two types of nature’s beauty that tantalize your sense of sight.

What does all this make you feel like doing? Well, going out and getting tattooed of course! And what better way to commemorate a great summer than with a nautical inspired piece!

For this particular installment of the Inked Tattoo Suggestion Center, we are taken under the sea. Yes, and feel it’s time to pay homage to those aquatic invertebrates known as shellfish!

Here are 25 great shell inspire tattoos!

Oh, but maybe you should wait until summer is over if you’re a bit of a beach bum. We all know that fresh tattoos and the beach are a bad combination!


Pick your shell tattoo!