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VIDEO! Beauty. Power. Yoga. Ink. Eleonora Z!

Meet the Tattooed Goddess!

Eleonora Zampatti is an author, fitness model, and cover girl, who began her career in the unique position as a varsity synchronized swimmer. Her love for movement and fluidity easily transferred from the water to the dance floor when she moved to NYC to study ballet, modern dance, and flexibility. However, it wasn't until she tried a hot yoga class that her life would be transformed forever!
To say Eleonora is flexible is a gross understatement. Her years of athletic and dance training has enabled her to take yoga and its powerful positions to an art form.
As a survivor of domestic violence, Eleonora's distinct teaching style and practice are heavily influenced by her experiences, and she has created a nonprofit foundation that uses yoga, art and music together to bring awareness on the topic of domestic violence (
We have assembled a video gallery of Eleonora and a few of her wonderful cats to give you just a glimpse of her power and beauty.

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Photo via instagram