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VIDEO! Best Celebrity Selfies! These Celebs are Livin’ it Lit!


Smile, your life is perfect!

Love’em or hate’em, and I find myself on the later side of that equation more so than not, I will be the first to admit that some of the “stuff” they — meaning high profile celebrities — get to do and the people they have access to does make me a bit envious. C’mon who wouldn’t want to talk film with an Oscar winner and music with someone who has a few Grammys on their mantle?
Well, until you land that big part in the next Star Wars, or get Post Malone to drop you into his tour, you may have to enjoy the suite life through your favorite celeb’s selfies. Here’s a gallery of some pics that may make you green with envy…or red with rage!


 Photo via instagram

Check Out Their Fabulous Life!