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VIDEO! Deadly Ink! 10 Insane Serial Killer Portraits!

Ink to Die For!

Our fascination with crime and especially murder has found a "victim" in countless books, articles, films, and television shows and every other conceivable media you can imagine. So it should not come to anyone's real surprise to find that the murderous deeds and likenesses of the most notorious serial killers have made their way literarily under the skin of many tattoo collectors.
However, these tattoos don’t come without some criticism from the people who feel it is disrespectful to the victims of these crimes to have the images of these homicidal maniacs tattooed in a way that may be construed as paying homage to their evil legacy.
Well, that’s for you to decide. Here are 10 serial killer portraits!


A Killer" Back Piece!

The Serial Killer Portrait Video