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VIDEO! Horrible Hospital Conditions from Around the World!


You May Be Better Off Dead!

For most of us, checking into a hospital is not the most pleasant of situations. And everyone hopes that they will come out feeling better than when they went in. Lately, big city hospitals around the country (America) have seen an increase in patients being discharged only to discover and be readmitted because of an infection they have picked up while hospitalized. Some of the more common bacterial and viral infections to be picked up have been: the norovirus (symptom include diarrhea and vomiting), mycobacterium abscessus (the bacteria known to cause leprosy and tuberculosis) and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (this staph bacterium has become immune to many popular antibacterial drugs). We admit that all sounds pretty frightening, however, it PALES in comparison to what you may contract while having to stay in one of the hospitals we are about to show you. If you get out alive, consider yourself lucky!

 Photo via Facebook

The Horrific Video!