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VIDEO: Industrial Robot Moonlights As Tattoo Artist

If you are the type of person that is constantly looking at technology and fearing that it will become self aware (like Skynet!) and lead to the eventual destruction of the human race we suggest that you stop reading right now. But if the idea of a tattooing robot seems pretty damn cool then you're going to love this video.

Previously we have written about two French design students, Pierre Emm and Johan da Silveira, that turned their 3D printer into a tattoo artist. While we had some qualms about it, one being that it reminded us way too much of Idiocracy, it ultimately was a pretty cool device. Now they have taken things to the next level by outfitting a large industrial robot not unlike those that are usually seen building cars with a tattoo machine.

World's First Tattoo by Industrial Robot from Pier 9 on Vimeo.

Honestly, the whole thing looks pretty terrifying. Even for seasoned pros getting a tattoo can be a little bit nerve-wracking, so it must be even more stressful to need to be strapped down to the table in order to get some ink. Once you've been strapped down you are at the mercy of the hulking robot/artist. Considering the power behind these robot arms it's only natural to be a little afraid that the thing might just go clean through the leg. Thankfully that doesn't happen. Instead the robot tattoos a spiral with the utmost accuracy and precision.

The finished product.

The finished product.

It's particularly interesting to see the way the tattooing process differs when the tattooer isn't flesh and blood. The robot doesn't dip the needles into ink like a human does, instead the ink is shot out of a hose directly next to the machine as it is tattooing. This makes is almost appear as if the robot is bleeding all over the place. It's also notable that the tattoo is not wiped off at all while the process is under way. The conversation is also a bit lacking, but we're guessing you aren't expected to tip the robot so it all evens out.

Emm and da Silveira have truly embraced technology in a way that we applaud. They have fused their two passions together in a truly unique manner and we can't wait to see what sort of device they dream up next.

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