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VIDEO! Live Mouse Found Living Inside Burger Bun Bag!

One burger, please. No mayo or mouse.

The average American spends an estimated $1,200 on fast food each year. Children consume an estimated 12 percent of their calories from fast food. 20 percent of all American meals are eaten in the car and more than half of the money Ohio residents spend eating out goes to one of the top five chains. America’s obsession with fast food is undeterred. Health scares, alarming warning labels, shocking independent documentaries touting the unhealthiness of the junk food menu and countless other examples of bad press and health department warnings has done little to curb our consumption of burgers and fries. Who knows maybe this latest viral video will have a few people thinking twice before visiting the freckled face red head.

I for one actually indulged in a burger and fries post viewing of this video. Some of us will never learn


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