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VIDEO: 'Popstar' Trailer Shows Andy Samberg With Ink

If Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, and Aaron Carter defied the laws of science and had a baby together, that baby would be Conner Friel, stage name, Conner 4 Real, the star of this summer's presumed blockbuster Popstar. Played by Andy Samberg, the boy wonder does what all celebrities do to stay on top—anything. Anything that keeps him from reuniting with his former band, The Style Boyz, that is.


Like Hollywood's greatest, Conner has nunchucks, a few Ferraris, and tells his fans he is in love with them. "The stage is where we f*ck," he says in the trailer. Samberg's character is also covered in tattoos. Massive script covers his chest to remind him of his name, "Conner 4 Real." He also has a boom box tattooed on his left shoulder.

This isn't the first time Samberg has worn fake tattoos for a role. Remember Adam Sandler's subpar movie That's My Boy? Sandler was an aged one-hit-wonder who fathered Samberg, and allowed him to get a New Kids On the Block back piece in the third grade.

samber thats my boy

A bunch of celebs appear to have cameos in Popstar, including Snapchat sensation DJ Khaled, Usher, and Seal. Simon Cowell, who is responsible for One Direction, says, "Conner 4 Real is actually saving the record industry." Which was likely his thought when he grouped 1D, and now probably of Zayn, who went solo last year. Carrie Underwood thinks, "Conner is hot." There's also a nod to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, as one of Conner's album's is titled Thriller, Also.

Former Inked cover star Adam Levine appears in the flick, but as a hologram during one of Conner's stadium performances. See Levine humping himself on stage at the 0:44 second mark.

Popstar hits theaters nationwide on June 3. Watch the full trailer below for Conner 4 Real's tattoos and gold condoms.

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