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VIDEO - See 100 Years of Tattoos on One Lucky Lady

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Answering an ad to let an artist tattoo you may seem risky, especially when he’ll be tattooing you not once but 11 times. So it was with a great amount of courage that Casey Lubin replied to the ad, and she ended up with some truly amazing art.

The ad was inviting people to volunteer for a video series by WatchCut Video called 100 Years of Beauty. With previous episodes centered upon things such as style in various countries, this particular episode was fixated on Americana tattoos. Enlisting the help of tattoo artist Clae Welch, the video aimed to ink 100 years of tattoo history onto Lubin.

Prior to her adventurous endeavor with Welch, Lubin only had a couple tiny tattoos which made the 11 she was about to receive over a span of 7 days that much more daunting. With each individual tattoo reflecting a specific decade and popular artist from that time, the final product is a stunning piece of history permanently transcended in ink.

You can check out each tattoo and artist it was styled after in the video and photos below!