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VIDEO! The Real Life Shrek and 12 More Creepy Photos!


You Never Saw These in School!

There are some images that capture a moment in history like no other. Sometimes it was intentional, planned out and deeply thought out. Other times it falls under the old adage, “just happened to be at the right place at the right time”. This next series of historical images are snapshots of an era where the world was in a state of flux – war, poverty, hatred and exploitation.
Some of these pictures reflect a time that feels so different to what the world is today while others ring of the strife and turmoil going on right now. Each is a graphic reminder of what came before us and what we may need to fear in our future.

1983: OJ Simpson was approached to play The Terminator, but was ultimately passed because the studio thought nobody would believe him as a homicidal maniac.

Let History Not Repeat Itself!