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Video - This Gorilla Can Do What?! Is He The Missing Link?

A Real Life Planet of the Apes!

Unfortunately due to a series of recent tragic incidents people have become aware of the beauty and power of the Silverback gorilla. The controversy around the killing of Harambe threw a frenzied spotlight onto this breed of animal.

This feature is NOT about Harambe, but rather a gorilla named Ambam, whose story has a bit of a silver (back) lining, although the fate of these amazing animals is under an ever-increasing threat.

Some people would debate the fact, but science has pretty much determined that humans are the dominant species on Earth, so what better way for a gorilla to impress his harem and intimidate any potentially threating males than by assuming some of the traits of a human!

The fascinating video of what this amazing gorilla has “assimilated” from his human caretakers is jaw dropping.


 Photo via Fox Movies

The Amazing Video!

Photo via aspinallfoundation