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VIDEO! Three Women Rape Man for 72 Hours!

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Seventy-Three Hours of Sex!

When the word “rape” is mentioned, the natural reaction or repulsive imagery that initially comes to mind is that of a woman being overpowered by a man or a group of men. And that assumption is usually correct with unfortunately over 1 million women being raped every year! A disgusting statistic.
However, male-on-male rape is also quite high — in the 100’s of thousands in the United States, with a majority of those rapes happening in penal institutions and/or with the victims being minors.
However, female-on-male rape is admittedly much less common, but it does occur and for the male victim the physical and emotional distress caused is equally as intense as it is for a female victim. You are about to find out about an even more unique situation, where one man was kidnapped and raped by three women.