VIDEO! Titillate and Terrify! The Creepiest Stripper Robot Ever!


Time for Robot Lust!

The man behind the animatronic creation that freaked out the art world is none other than the American artist Jordan Wolfson. The “woman” dressed in a negligee, thigh high vinyl boots and a green half witch mask, covered in dirt marks and scuffs. The figure dances seductively, speaking in a male voice. Using facial recognition technology, she locks eyes with viewers through a mirror.
We’ve seen animatronics before, but the masterful rendering and engineering by a man like Wolfson, a graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design has brought together art, technology and the social commentary of female sexuality and objectification to a super weird level.
The only way to do this justice is to watch the video, so hit SEE THE VIDEO and get ready to be creeped out!


Photo via youtube 

The Creepiest Video!