VIDEO! Tourist Dies From Jet Engine Blast in Bizarre Island Tradition!


Tourist Fun Turns to Tragedy!

There is a strange tourist activity that people partake in when visiting St. Maarteen – a beautiful island siting in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. It involves a beach, a chain link fence, an airport runway and a jet engine that’s kicking out 120,000 pounds of thrust!

The airport for the island of St, Maarten sits right up against a popular beach with one of the runways literally no more than 50 feet from a chain link fence. A fence that tourist can (and do) walk up to, then grab onto — gripping it for dear life as a jumbo jet getting reading for take off revs its engines sending potentially deadly blast of heated air right at them for 30 seconds!

Unfortunately, for a 57-year-old tourist this activity turned tragic when she could no longer hold on.

Photo via youtube

Caught on Video!

In 2012, a woman attempting to "enjoy" the the same experience also could not hold on and was blasted across the road and into the concrete barrier. Luckily for her, although she was injured, she did survive the incident.