Video! Unicorn Fidget Spinner Nails! How To Make Your Own!


Magical! Mystical! Mesmerizing!

Okay, we know how important it is for most women to have their nails all done up and we've seen a host of nail fads, or should we say styles, come and go. However, for the most part these trends have been dictated by holidays, movies and/or popular TV shows.

Never before have we seen a nail fad inspired by the combined admiration of a piece of metal that spins really fast on ball bearings and a mystical animal with a horn protruding from its forehead.

Well now we have! Thanks to Natasha Lee and her bizarre yet clever unicorn-meets-fidget spinner nails treatment. And there's even a DIY video at the end of this article for you to watch if you want to make your own!


Photo via Natasha Lee

The Complete How-To Video!

Photo via YouTube