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Video - Water Slide Disaster! Man Flies Off!

Worst Fears Confirmed!

Anyone that’s ever gone on a water slide always has that one fear. “Am I going to go sliding up the side of the water slide wall and be launched out and over during that sharp turn?’

Well for David Salmon from Dallas, Texas our worst fear came true…for him! David was going down a water slide in at a private home in Austin, Texas while his friend Danny Cummings videotaped the “fun”. Well, the fun quickly turned to potential tragedy as Danny hit one of the sharp turns and was sent flying over the edge and down onto a rocky cliff.

It appears David realized his speed was a bit excessive and tried to slow himself down by dragging his arm along the wall, but when he hit the turn it wasn’t slow enough.

Danny was too far away to help his friend and in fact the rescue workers had difficulty reaching Mr. Salmon because of the rough terrain.


Photo via tomo

Here's The Video!

Video shot by Danny Cummings as it appeared on David Salmon's Facebool page. Photo via tomo

Get ready to gasp! And don't laugh!