VIDEOS! Dead Body Falls from Van and Left in Traffic!


No Rest for the Dead!

Police in Olympia, Washington got a very strange call when people reported a dead body lying in the middle of mid-day traffic. What makes the situation even more bizarre is the body person was already dead and strapped into a gurney— they had slipped out the back of a coroner’s van and into Olympia traffic.

Olympia Police Department Lt. Paul stated that two gurneys fell out of the van one gurney carrying the deceased person tipped over at the intersection of Phoenix Street Southeast and Martin Way East and remained lying there in traffic. The second gurney rolled down the street and was found in a parking lot.

Added Bonus Video! We are not 100% sure who or what the heck is coming out of this cement truck, but it damn sure looks exactly like a human body.


 Photo via iheart

The Video!

The victim hasn’t yet been identified, but the workers said he didn’t work for the company that owned the truck. The truck had been on a construction site for four days, outside the confines of the company’s lot.

The Video!