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Artist Brian M. Viveros's Sexy Matadors

Brian M. Viveros, the man who's kinky mind (a.k.a. DirtyLand) is inhabited by devastatingly sexy girls, is headed to Los Angeles on November 7 to unveil his latest collection of work titled Matador. "I see it representing power and strength in a female form," he told Inked of his new work. Bull fighting has always inspired Viveros' art, but now for the first time it is taking lead. Matador may be the sexiest thing to come from DirtyLand to date, finally allowing fans to tour the world inside his head.

The LA exhibition, taking residency at Thinkspace Gallery, will include a sculpture created in part by Pretty In Plastic. "I wanted to go big and just create an epic piece that would tell the DirtyLand story in one big mounted head," Viveros said. The larger-than-life piece, known as "BullHeaded," finally allows a Viveros girl to take physical form.

Also on display at the gallery will be new oil paintings, drawings, exclusive 3D prints, and his first book, The DirtyLand (available for purchase). Essays and over 10 years of full-color material created by Viveros fill 216 pages, serializing his progression over time. An essay written by Dr. Darius A Spieth of Louisiana State University will also be included, "He's contextualizing it within an art historical framework," Viveros said. "I was so honored."

Viveros will be signing copies of The DirtyLand at the launch of the Matador exhibition from 5-6:30pm on November 7, just before the opening reception. Check out a sneak peak of his steamy new work below. And if you just can't get enough of Viveros click here to read our profile of the artist from Inked.